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Marine Sgt. John Henry Knospler Jr. Appeal

I guess the only time most people think about injustice is when it happens to them....... Charles Bukowski

Wyoming CID Report From Steven Komorek 08/16/2018: Injustice for John Knospler
Investigative report by Steven Komorek, as presented to the Wyoming Criminal Investigative Division 08/08/2018

Petition to Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming as of 07/20/2018 4000 Signatures in 6 Days!!!
Justice for Veteran John Knospler

Latest Report From Steven Komorek 07/12/2018: Injustice for John Knospler
Stephen Komorek Director of Law Enforcement Training and Special Investigations - Worldwide

Knospler's 2nd Petition For Post Conviction Relief To Honorable Judge Sullins(Filed May 24, 2018)
Events, Trial Procedures, Witness Testimony Not Relevant to Knospler State of Mind, States Expert Witness Perjury, Ineffective Trial Counsel, Lack of State and Defense Forensic Testing, Not Following State Investigators Recommendations for Reenactments, Defense Lack of Trial Strategy, Lack of Effective Appeals, District Court Abuse, 73 Pages PDF Format.

02/2018 Knospler's Motion for DNA Testing, Graphic (Denied By Sullins May 11 2018)
Comes now the Defendant, John Henry Knospler, by and thru undersigned counsel, and moves this court for an order directing that PCR STR-DNA Testing of evidence in the.......

11/25/2017 Knospler's Factual Showing In Support Of His Motion For Post Conviction Relief.(Denied BY Sullins)
The Defendant, JOHN HENRY KNOSPLER, JR., and pursuant to Wyo. Stat. Ann. 7-14-101 through 7-14-108 (Wyoming Postconviction Act) submits the following.......

2018 Post Conviction Legislation.
Post Conviction Law adopted by Wyoming effective July 1, 2018 Judge Sullins and Da Blonigen both vehemently appose. This would allow recreation gunshot evidence, DNA evidence not available at trial to be entered into the evidence record, "proving factual innocence" of 2nd Degree Murder and finalizing Knospler's self defense.

Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations Inc, John Daily Report from 07/12/2014 in .pdf format.
John Daily was contracted by the state of Wyoming to investigate, but was used as a defense expert witness during trial.

May 11 2018 Sullin's Denies DNA Test.

Evidence: gun shot range, contact gunshot, wounds through clothing, muzzle stamp.

Evidence: probable cause, FBI video, glass, more muzzle stamp, pathology.

Casper Detective Nixes Glass Investigation....Under Who's Direction?


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Investigation and Evidence

Petitions, Motions and Briefs

Trial Proceedings

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Did Knospler Get an Impartial Jury?

This page is to keep you up to date during the Appeal process, we will be posting material directly related to John's case and or other case law that applies. Last up date 08/16/2018

Justice will not be served until those who are
unaffected are as outraged as those who are.
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