Trial Proceedings
Trial Proceedings

      John Daily
      John Carver
      Judy Melinek

    Blonigen's Exaggeration and Hyperbole
    1. The Happy Drunk
    2. Piles of Glass
    3. Standing Outside and Tapping on the Window
    4. Implied Malice
    5. Implied Malice (while sleeping)
    6. Shooting People?

    Lies by Omission,
    Misleading Lies and

    Prosecution Rests
    The Jury
    Was the Jury Biased?
    The Verdict
    Vehicular Burglary?

    Trial Transcripts
      Transcripts 12/15/2014 Through 12/23/2014

    Newspaper Coverage Of The Trial
      New link from 12/17/2014 Dr. Judy Melinek,“He was clearly leaning over,” the doctor said from the stand. Melinek said Knospler, the alleged shooter, would have to have been sitting on top of his car to shoot an upright Baldwin.

      Star Tribune 12/22/2014 "replace the window and shoot the window using Knospler’s pistol. That test was never carried out,".... said John Daily.

      New link from 12/22/2014 Evidence shows suspect tried to drive away before shooting, expert says