Petitions and Motions.
Petitions and Motions

    11/25/2017 Factual Showing of Knospler's Motion For Post Conviction Relief

    Petition to Dismiss

    Probable Cause

    Response to Dismiss

    Pre Trial 09/05/2014 Grounds to Dismiss E-Filing Supreme Court

    Post Trial Appeal 07/06/2015 Violation of Rights During Trial E-Filing Supreme Court

    Knospler's Appeal Brief 8/24/2015

    State of Wyoming Response 10/12/2015 to Knospler Brief of 8/24/2015

    State of Wyoming Order for Oral argument Nov 18 2015

    Motion for New Trial - Newspaper coverage

      Star Tribune 01/29/2015
      Judge Sullens denies new trial.....biased... Bestiality and Pornography

      K2 Radio 02/01/2015
      The court has rejected the motion for a retrial....more on the Petition.