Arrest Affidavit

Oct 4, 2013
At 12.28 am Knospler was placed in restraints by Natrona County Deputy Sherrif John Taylor of Casper Wyoming and told he was being put into "investigative dentention".
Investigator Ellis placed Knospler in custody (under Arrest) at approximately 11.21 Am on Oct 4 2013 a full 11 hours later. Knospler had been detained and interrogated for approximate 11 hours without counsel nor had he been Mirandized prior to any interrogation.

Were Knospler's Constitutional rights violated?

Arrest as a Federal Constitutional Concept

What, then, is a correct definition of arrest, for purposes of federal Constitutional law?
An arrest is a seizure of a person in which the subject is:

1) required to go elsewhere with police, or
2) deprived of his freedom of movement for more than a brief period of time, or
3) subjected to more force than is reasonably part of an investigative detention.

Affidavit Supporting Complaint 10/04/2013 Filed by Investigator Sean Ellis

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