Officer Baker's Report

On Oct. 4, 2013
At approx. 12:20 am Knospler was pulled over by Casper police the following reports by the officers follow. Officers describe the inside of Knosplers car the location of the glass shards strewn about the inside of the Knospler car, articles found in car, a hand gun , backpack. No empty bottles containing alcohol were found. Alcohol and Marijuana vapors were reported, but Marijuana (THC) was not found in Knospler's blood tests. They also describe wet blood that was on Knospler, and somehow got transferred onto one of the officers clothing, then mysteriously could not be tested for DNA during investigation by the state forensic lab. If it was not Knosplers blood, whose blood was it? Does the wet blood found on Knospler, put Baldwin inside Knospler's car, as Knospler has always maintained?

Officer Baker Report A225,10/04/2013 0018 hours
Blood on Knospler not from Knospler, Broken glass strewn about inside of car.

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