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Oct. 4, 2013

Detective Hatcher interviewed Carol Abaunza at approx 1:30 am. Carol stated that she spoke with Knospler for approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. During one of the conversations she recalls that Knospler showed her a picture of a memorial of some sort, displayed on his cell phone.

During Carol’s conversation with Knospler, Andujar, the bouncer, making his rounds showed up to engage Knospler. Andujar told Knospler about getting feisty and how "he did not like to fight. This is when Knospler mentioned about killing some one. Carol never recalled the complete conversation, she fully recalled Andujar’s comment when he "told Knospler about getting feisty and how he did not like to fight, but could only come up with "killing someone" in Knospler's response to Andujar. Andujar never did recall in his statements or testimony what Knospler had said it to him, only that people had complained to Andujar about Knospler.

Detective Hatcher asked Carol in the course of the investigation if Knospler went into detail. Carroll said "no", he made the comment and then said "he was just kidding".

Seems this "just kidding" was left out of the testimony by the prosecution and the defense.

Hatcher asked Carol if she ever saw Knospler and Baldwin speak to each other...she said "no".

Crystal Mize, and two other witnesses, Carol and Andujar, claimed they heard Knospler say "killing people". Crystal Mize, in statements to the police an in testimony, could not put the phrase, "killing people", into a context. Something as intense as "killing people" being said in the bar where such a “suspicious character” was lurking about might be something to take note about. One of the three witness should be able to recall that phrase and its context, given a man was shot dead just hours before and lay outside in the parking lot. Three witnesses hear that phrase and not one of them can remember or produce a sentence or a context or even a word that might identify a circumstance, race, country or war? Really?

Both women could vividly remember where Knospler sat numerous times, what color jacket he wore, how many times he allegedly left the bar, that he studied people, what he drank, what whore houses he serviced, his visits to Mexico and Africa, his use of cocaine, the color of his hat, that he had a "cheeser smile", how he wore his hair, what time they got to work, patrons who Knospler spoke to and did not speak to, what Andujar had to say while attempting to intimidate Knospler.

Both women were interviewed within two hours of Baldwin’s death. With all of the above in mind they can't remember in what context he used the phrase "killing people" in or what he was referring to. But they could remember he said "just kidding" afterward. Knospler being a Recon Marine when confronted by Andujar's intimidation tactics defused the situation and left the bar peacefully as requested with no confrontation with anyone.

How many "patrons"....did Knospler allegedly say "killing people" to? By all accounts, one, who in a written investigation report, can not even remember the context used, and that was 1 1/2 hours after Baldwin was shot. Crystal Mize in her statement never heard it, and Andujar who supposedly Knospler was speaking to never mentioned it in his statement either.

Oil City Casper’s News Stream: "Blonigen stated that they had proved malice as it was inferred by Knospler’s alleged statements of killing people and shooting people while speaking with patrons at Rack Gentlemen’s Club."

"Shooting people"? Nowhere in all the statements taken from those at Rack's club, does that phrase appear. Can someone point out "shooting people" in the witness's statements? Blonigen's words, "shooting and killing people" is just another example of his misleading statement's during the trial much like the of "piles of glass" found on the ground in the parking lot, that added up to less than a coffee cup full.

Was Knospler embellishing on a war story, and had Baldwin not been shot would have been passed off as harmless drunk talk and not given a second thought? Baldwin attempted to burglarize Knospler and his vehicle while he slept. Baldwin was shot and killed in his attempt of Grand Theft Auto, a criminal act he is quite familiar with as evidenced by his police record. Now the war story has become the central point of the prosecution, whose case lacks any physical evidence what so ever, in fact the reverse is true. The prosecution's experts were the defense's best witnesses.

Detective Hatcher's Report

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