Investigator Sean Ellis Report

Jan. 8, 2013
Andujar, the bouncer and doorman at Racks Gentlemens Club, claims he received complaints "about Knospler telling of killing numerous people and journeys to third world countries". But working in the bar area Andujar was unable to name the people that complained. Was Knospler telling embellished "War Stories" to impress the dancers? How many patrons complained about Knosplers "War Stories"? Out of 8 witness interviewed in the Sean Ellis report, one bar maid and maybe Andujar, allege Knospler was speaking of killing people.

Andujar claims he saw Bladwin attempt to open the passenger's side door of a dark colored sedan, then walk to the driver's side door. Andujar also claims that he saw Baldwin rest his hands on the window sill. This is impossible since the car was sitting at an angle of approximately 30-40 degrees facing away from the front door of Racks; off to the right, (looking from the front door of Racks). The passenger's side of the car would have blocked the view of Baldwins arms, hands and head. It was midnight, the parking lot was not lit, the dark colored sedan had its head lights on, and it was snowing (blizzard conditions). Andujar believed the driver's side window was down or "missing" why is that?. During this time period it was noted in the surveillance video that for the full minute that Baldwin was in the parking lot, Andujar was not paying attention to Baldwin.

Christopher Syverson and his girlfriend Kara Sterner arrived at Racks with Baldwin. During the evening Syveson took Sterner home early. In court testimony Syverson stated that Baldwin knew Syverson was coming back with his pick up truck. Why then did Baldwin go to a car in the parking lot when he knew he would be riding home in a pick up truck?

Crystal Mize and the other dancers referred to Knospler as a "Cheeser" was that because of the way Knospler acted and looked, or because he refused to pay a $25.00 fee for a lap dance? So how did he look?

Oil City Caspers News Stream: "Blonigen stated that they had proved malice as it was inferred by Knosplerís alleged statements of killing people and shooting people while speaking with patrons at Rack Gentlemenís Club."

In Casper Wyoming physical evidence such as that provided by the forensic investigator, the coroner, and the like, is casually discarded or ignored and is replaced with inferrance, allegation, opinion, hearsay and supposition; unless of course, said physical evidence happens to supports the prosecutions case.(sarc). Are we now to understand that inferrance and allegation rise to the level of "guilty beyond reasonable doubt"?

In the face of all this, Judge Sullins denys the motion for a retrial remarking that a retrial "would not be in the interest of Justice."

Investigator Sean Ellis Report Jan. 8, 2013

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