Blood Evidence from Knospler's Vehicle

The first mention of blood in this case comes from John Taylor when he pulled Knospler over for a traffic check. He observed one small drop of blood on a Velcro patch attached to the left sleeve of the jacket Knospler was wearing. When Knospler was cuffed and taken to the Sherrifs Office where Taylor noticed a drop of blood on the back of his own right hand and several blood stains on his own shirt just below a shirt pocket. Taylor could find no blood on Knospler. Taylor washed his hands and surrendered his shirt which was logged into evidence in a bag. Pages 2 & 3 of Taylor's report describe these observations.

Officer Baker, assisting the detention of Knospler, noted a red colored stain on the right collar of Knospler's jacket. At the Sherrif's office Baker photographed Knospler's clothing as it was removed and found a reddish colored stain on Knospler's pants on the left crotch area. The previously mentioned red colored stain on the right collar of Knospler's jacket was never found again. Pages 1 & 2 of Baker's report describe these observations. Knospler's car was sealed and impounded for additional investigation and photography.

Notes: Baker Report:

1. Unusual red stain on collar of jacket, on second look the stain could not be found.

2. Removing clothing observed small unusual red stain on left crotch of his pants and observed very small glass fragments embedded in fabric of pants.

3. Unusual stains were observed on Knospler's body

4. 2 blood samples taken, request for urine sample was refused

Taylor Report:

1. Observes no blood on hands

2. Observes 1 small drop of blood on a velcro patch (of the jacket?)

3 Taylor found a small dropplet of blood on the back of his own hand when he retrievedd the key to the elevator at the sherrifs office

4. Taylor inspected himself and found several small blood stains below the right chest pocket of his shirt, and searched for and found no blood stains on Knospler.

5. After setting up the interview recording equipment, Taylor wash the blood dropplet from his hand.

6. Taylor turned over his uniform to det. Hulshizer to be logged in as evidence.